The Elusive Banksy 🎨

Last Updated on May 7, 2022 by Natalie Rabinowitz

Cat and Dog - Banksy
Cat and Dog – Banksy

I first discovered the elusive Banksy street art in Bristol. Some of Banksy is visible; others take a little navigating to find. You have to look for it amongst the myriad of AMAZING street art and side streets. Banksy is an elusive political activist street artist from England whose real name and identity has remained elusive and the subject of speculation.

In 2008 Banksy was thought to be Robin Gunningham. The most recent theory is that Banksy is a group of artists, including a band member from Massive Attack.

Banksy was stripped of copyrights in 2017 and retrospectively applied for a trademark in Australia in 2021. With this, Banksy will have to identify himself, which would require the loss of anonymity. Banksy remains elusive for a reason.

Mild Mild West - Banksy
Mild Mild West – Banksy

I took the Girl with a Pearl Earring photo in 2018. Last I heard, she was wearing a covid mask in 2020, but there is no verification that it’s the work of Banksy.

Alas, the Gorilla artwork was painted over when I saw it. For this reason, it has since been removed from the Jalalabad Community Center by an art restoration company and sold at auction.

There is always something unique to see that we pass by. You never know what you might miss.

No, I'm Banksy and so is my wife
No, I’m Banksy and so is my wife
I'm Not Banksy
I’m Not Banksy

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