Thanet District of Margate and Broadstairs, England

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Coastal Low Tide walk from Margate to Broadstairs © Natalie Rabinowitz


On the far Eastern Peninsula of Kent is the hidden gem of the Thanet District. Just under an hour away from Canterbury by train or under two hours from London. Every place has a story; Margate is one of them, where sea bathing became popular as far back as 1736. A little rough around the edges. You can see the struggles and decline of what was once a thriving seaside resort. There are empty Arcades and nostalgic buildings but note that I was their offseason. Yet, Margate continues to thrive. Take a walk through the small Old Town of eclectic buildings of second-hand shops with small independent coffee houses. The summer season brings in a flock of Londoners for a seaside escape. I prefer to travel the beaten path offseason.

There are talks about renovating and redeveloping the area. This would help bring new life and the sandy beach is immaculate. Margate is unique to wander with friendly, creative, and accommodating locals. 

I opted to stay two nights in Margate. Accommodations were more cost-effective and allowed me to explore the area in addition to wanting to do a coastal walk.

Old Town Margate, Kent © Natalie Rabinowitz

Margate to Broadstairs Coastal Walk

The following morning, the weather forecasted was questionable. I prepared for whatever came my way and ventured to do the moderate coastal walk from Margate to Broadstairs. I lucked out with fantastic weather. The tide was low for an enjoyable and gorgeous beach walk. There were a few locals besides having had the beach to myself. Stunning is an understatement. The peachy soft sand beach with white chalk cliffs. What a compliment to the coastline, especially the detached chalk cliffs you can walk around at Botany Bay. The rest is for you to discover!

The walk-in itself is about 5.5 miles. Do take into account that this is a walk done at low tide. You will need to be aware of the tidal changes as the sea washes in pretty quickly. There is also the option of walking above the Sea Cliff. 

Coastal Low Tide Broadstairs, Kent © Natalie Rabinowitz


A charming seaside town to walk around. Have a rest from the coastal walk, grab a delicious lunch, and admire the architecture and views. From 1837 to 1859, Charles Dickens intermittently lived at the Bleak House. Formerly known as the Fort House. Dickens wrote parts of David Copperfield, The Haunted Man, Barnaby Ridge, and American Notes.

A day well spent and most importantly, the needed escape for relaxation and to chill out.

Botany Bay, Kent © Natalie Rabinowitz

The journey doesn’t end here.

Next: A coastal walk from Herne Bay to Whitstable. Followed by two days of exploring the step back in time to the Middle Age cathedral city of Canterbury!


  1. This is a part of the world I know very well as I have played the Broadstiars Folk Week for 30 of the 31 year prior to the virus, obviously it was cancelled last year. I should have been down there last weekend for the Broadstairs Blues Bash but that was cancelled as well.

    If you get back down there you might want to have look at an alternative to the coastal route and that is a way-marked trail called the Turner and Dickens path which goes inland through St. Peter’s and is a pleasant amble. If you were feeling particularly energetic you could go one way on one path and return on the other. You may wish to have a look at the page I wrote about the T&D.

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