Challenge Your Camera: Steps ‘n Stairs

Last Updated on February 10, 2023 by Natalie Rabinowitz

Plaka Athens

Stairs are epic! They come in all shapes and sizes and date back, way back.

To join in on the Challenge Your Camera: Steps ’n Stairs, sponsored by Dr B and Buddha Walks Into a Wine Bar, here are some of my favourite stairs. Was hard to choose but thought a flavour of different countries, shapes, and sizes would add to a diversified mix. Think there will need to be a part I, II, and III!


Alfama, Lisbon, Portugal


Potala Palace, TIBET


Initiation Well Sintra Portugal
Initiation Well. Sintra, Portugal


Dubrovnik Croatia
The epic staircase in Dubrovnik, Croatia


Love a good Spiral! Chepstow Castle. Chesptow, Wales


  1. Great photos and I have been to only one of your cities, Dubrovnik! I was interested in the photo of the Initiation Well…… there a story behind that? Inquiring minds would like to know! Ha Ha! Yes, all of our travel plans were scuttled last year and this year too. We have decided to go to other states in the US and see how that goes…….so many things are closed! We are dreaming of vacations and traveling again and not getting any younger to boot!

    • The Initiation Well is located at Quinta da Regaleira. The well is an inverted tower (does not serve as a traditional well per say) and has nine levels that is associated with esoteric and mysticism. It represents death and rebirth so maybe it is our initiation/stages in life 🤔. Each level has a connecting system of underground tunnels, that connects to grottoes, caves, a waterfall, and lake.

      I hear you about travels. My go-to has been wandering the empty streets of London and parks and try to get out beyond the city. Who can say they have jaywalked through London.

      • Oh, my gosh that well is so interesting! Do you know who built that or why? We may need to see a post about this! I hope you did not get two responses from me…….Wordpress is mad at me today and playing tricks! I had to keep writing the comment over and over and it never did say whether it was accepted on my end….but I kept hitting post anyway!

      • I did see two posts but only approved one so no worries 🙂 Its a Monday … The Initiation Well was designed by Luigi Manini for António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro who owned Quinta da Regaleira. Monteiro was a freemason and esoteric so the architecture is based on a lot of symbolism and freemason beliefs.

  2. Great photos, thank you 🙏. I’ve been to all of those places except one. We have very fond memories of Athens and Dubrovnik but regret never having been to Lhasa! We had so many opportunities over the years based on our time in Kathmandu, but were always torn as Buddhists NOT to put money into Chinese pockets.

    • I completely hear you about Tibet! This was my second attempt to go. What an experience just dealing with the paperwork! I went through a local Tibetan tour group and everything we did in Tibet was in support of Tibetans. Food, restaurants, hotels, souvenirs. The most humble and beautiful people I have ever met. Working on a blog about my trip there.

      • Flew from Chengdu to Lhasa. The options are few and complicated. I went in late October. Wanted to avoid peak season with all the Climbers and traffic. We ended up at the Nepalese border and drove to Kathmandu. Most insane car ride ever! It took eight hours to drive 130km (81 miles). No traffic, just bumpy road.

      • 😂😂 I don’t live in Chengdu, awful place. It was my only option to get to TIBET. The least complicated, even though complicated. I am currently in London.

      • Sorry, silly assumption. You seem very widely travelled, like ourselves. This pandemic is halting our retirement travels, though understandably. Have you been to Nepal?

      • Interesting times indeed. Cancelled 7 trips in 2020. Have to find other ways to adapt for now. I was only in Kathmandu for 12 hours. Felt a little overwhelmed with so many people and all the insanity shopping. Would like to go back someday and explore.

      • In a way we were lucky. In the Spring of 3020 I was recovering from a serious operation so we had no travels booked. If you’re considering Nepal take a peek at the book I wrote highlighted on the right side of my blog posts. An Englishman in Nepal on Amazon. I’m sure some of our family and friends in Kathmandu would help you out if you visited.

      • Hope your recovery is fast and strong. I will check out your book and thank you for the extended hand for connections. Hope we will resume travelling soon but not sure it will be this year either … sigh.

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