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HorseShoe Canyon Utah
HorseShoe Canyon

Best cultural art in the rugged Wild West is Native American Petroglyphs. Images carved or scratched into rocks and Pictographs that are painted on stone using natural pigments.

Wolfman Panel

Discovering the Native American Petroglyph

Some Native American Petroglyph panels and sites are visible by using a map and pulling onto the side of a road. Other sites by taking a detour. The best sites are to be explored by foot into the desolate desert. To search for these petroglyph panels, you need to use your best judgement. One needs a keen eye for detail as sometimes navigating a map is not spot-on in some remote locations. These areas are the best-kept secret.

Sego Canyon

Living in Colorado, I was missing museums from when I had lived in New York and Boston eons ago. One day, on a local hike above NORAD, I engaged in conversation with an Archaeologist. He told me about Native American Petroglyph sites. Not having enough holidays/vacations to see different cultures worldwide, I just fell into this unique and exciting hobby. I was enamoured with the Petroglyph sites throughout the four corner states and was eager to see them all.

McKee Spring

Wild West Rugged Art Culture

I became a member of numerous Chapters of the Colorado Archaeological Society. They opened up my horizons and took me to intriguing sites. Some sites requiring authorized permission. I gained an appreciation for learning about Native American Petroglyphs. Actually, the entire process of researching Petroglyph panels and hiking trails on topographic maps. As well as the love and freedom of being on the open road driving in the rugged desert. Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. An abundance of elusive sites became an adrenaline rush. I am overdue for a trip back to pick up where I left off. There are plenty of more sites to explore.

Owl Panel
Newspaper Rock


All sites are sacred and to be treated with respect. As a result, I had come across numerous panels with bullet holes from target practice. As well as the desecrating disgraced infamous “This is Private Property, No Tresspassing” stamped over an image of a deer.

Thus, while in the wilderness and on this planet, “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time” Aliyyah Eniath

Sego Canyon
Nine Mile Canyon
Native American petroglyphs, sacred and to be treated with respect. Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures.
Off US 191


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