London during Covid

Last Updated on February 6, 2021 by Natalie Rabinowitz

Temple Bar Dragon, London © Natalie Rabinowitz

We are certainly living in interesting times as London (and the rest of the world) during Covid faces change. With this, I have benefited and taken advantage of new discoveries and personal growth. I even got my Archaeology certification, where I look forward to going out and dig in the dirt someday. It has been the perfect opportunity to reflect and notice things we take for granted.

Embankment, Covent Garden, St. Martin’s Place, Trafalgar Square © Natalie Rabinowitz

On a couple of occasions when restrictions had begun to relax, I have taken the opportunity to visit London. I wanted to see the city without all its vibrant energy. To explore and see all the eye candy architecture up close and experience London as rarely seen.

Covent Garden, Neil’s Yard, Seven Dials © Natalie Rabinowitz

London is massive. Every time, I discover a new neighbourhood, a new street, a new building. It is the epicentre of Architectural decor to marvel. Best bet is to pick a tube station or destination area you want to see. Wander and explore where it takes you and see what you discover. I took the tube towards Baker Street and meandered my way towards Mayfair, the high-end shopping district. I found myself on Oxford Street and walked back towards Embankment, passing through Covent Garden. London is one of the best walking cities. Just put on a comfortable pair of shoes and go!

Dragon, Mayfair, St. Dunstan in the East, Picadilly Circus © Natalie Rabinowitz

Emptiness © Natalie Rabinowitz

As we are still in uncertain times, remain vigilant and stay safe while London (and the world) slowly transitions back to life.


  1. You’re right, London is an amazing city for walking and you will discover something new every time you do. I have lived here for well over 30 years and I never go for a day’s walk but I don’t see something I never noticed before.

    Have you ever done any of the way-marked paths like the Capital Ring, Jubilee Greenway, London LOOP, that sort of thing? I have done them all except the last day of the Greenway, thanks to the virus and they are all great. Again, if you want an idea about them, have a trawl through my blog, it is all there.

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