On the Go

Whether by plane or train (hot air balloon anyone), a wondrous hike, or an OM moment, there are places to explore and discover.

Chamonix, Oslo, Utah, England, Ayutthaya, Cornwall, Boulder, Easter Island, Paris © Natalie Rabinowitz

As a solo traveller, I envelop myself to blend in and not stand out. Mixing in immerses me in different cultures. Of course, this was not the case when I was in Borneo or Tibet with my light complexion and crazy auburn hair. With that said, as a “local” I become the go-to person for lost travellers asking for directions, sometimes even locals. I find it humorous.

Urban Girl on the Go
Trondheim, Bali, Amsterdam, Paris, Utah, London, Hallstatt, Boulder, Paris © Natalie Rabinowitz

The world is big and gets bigger once you decide on all the places you want to see and explore. Some unforgettable travel highlights coming soon include seeing my childhood dream of Machu Picchu and Romania. My love of hiking trails and fourteeners of my former playground in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Wandering the deserts of Utah searching for Petroglyphs to hiking up to Paro Taktsang (also known as Tigers Nest) in Bhutan, and the thrill of winning the lotto to discover “The Wave” in Arizona.

Additionally, my adventures have allowed me to indulge in sea kayaking and pyramid climbing in Belize, with more sea kayaking in Thailand. To expand and learn something new, I did volunteer work in Borneo with orangutans. After this eye-opening experience, I spent a few days of R&R in the small village of Padangbai Bali, hanging out with the locals. From beaches and jungles to keeping warm in the cold temperature and high altitude of Tibet and Base Camp Everest, the world abounds with so much to wander and wonder.

As an avid hiker now living in London, when visiting European cities, I prefer to walk and only use public transportation when necessary. I love to get lost in a town, seeing hundreds of years of history, ogle architecture, and discover side streets — the ultimate Urban adventure.

Urban Girl on the Go
Pisa, Annecy, Meteora, England, Tibet, Athens, Cinque Terre, Annecy, Chengdu © Natalie Rabinowitz

Essential Planning

Living in London these past five years and globe-trotting to European cities and exotic locations, for me, the best way to travel is light and to plan accordingly to make the most of my trips. 

I am an organized traveller, that plans a full itinerary of things to see and do in the short or long duration of a trip. I also allow for some flexibility and depending on location, will plan downtime days at the beach, soaking in the surf and sand or a days hike.

Oh, the Places to Go!

Come along and explore with me what the world has to offer; an eclectic mix of cultures, cities, history, friendly faces, gorgeous architecture, and stunning nature.

Urban Girl on the Go
Antwerp, Cornwall, Annecy, Barcelona, London, Seville, London, Paris, Edinburg © Natalie Rabinowitz


  1. Natalie,

    I just love you! I currently reside in the Colorado Rockies and am yearning to travel and explore. The Wave has definitely been on the short list the whole time I have lived here. You are living an exciting life full of adventure, so keep going! It will be great to follow your travels 🙂

    • Oh! Thank you so much, Ashley. I will be writing about my experience to the Wave (I went alone!) and life on Colorado’s frontier. I certainly miss the Rockies and rugged Utah but Europe has also been an amazing experience.

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