Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs © Natalie Rabinowitz

Americas Wild West. Open Spaces to fantastic hiking, biking trails, wildlife, skiing, the Rocky Mountains, Archaeology and Rock Art.

Home for 19 years.

I never had the intention of moving to Colorado, but I was young and had the opportunity for a new experience, and I wanted a new adventure. I moved from Boston with an x-boyfriend, where we were offered a job at Copper Mountain (over the phone before mobile phones and the internet!) Finding a job was the undemanding part. Finding a place to live wasn’t as easy.

We ended up living at the Tabor Grand Hotel in Leadville. 10,152 ft above sea level, and yes, you can feel it — a fabulous quirky old mining town whose population was over 15,000 in 1880. Leadville became the world’s largest silver and gold mining town, was dubbed “Silver City” and the last home to Doc Holliday. Leadville has a unique charm. Almost like stepping back in time with its 1800s architecture lining up on Main Street. Leadville is the city where the May Company department store (now a part of the Federated Department Stores) was established. Do visit and enjoy a meal at the authentic Silver Dollar Saloon built in the mid-1800s. There is also the Delaware hotel and Western Hardware store that is worth a visit if you are a fan of the 1800’s mining era and architecture. All stores warrant a visit.

Vail, Colorado © Natalie Rabinowitz

My favourite hangout was Frisco, located in Summit County that I still call home. A small mining town that has continued to flourish with people and traffic. The vibe is laid back, with friendly locals, amazing views, Lake Dillon that has an excellent bike path circling the Lake, and an abundance of endless hiking trails. Frisco/Silverthorne also has a large Outlet store post, so if you are a shopper, it is a place to wander.

If you ski, Ski Cooper located just outside Leadville is the most affordable place to go. Then there is Summit County, which has an abundance of resorts to choose. Copper Mountain, which has a ski resort village that stands alone from all the others and situated between Leadville and Frisco. There is also Breckenridge, Vail, and Keystone that offers night skiing. Aspen/Snowmass, which is further West in Colorado and closer to Glenwood Springs, followed by Telluride, which is in the Southwest of Colorado.

After a year in Leadville and commuting to Copper Mountain with some of the most scenic drives and insane white-outs, we opted to move down to lower elevation. 6,000 ft to be exact.

Flatirons Boulder, Colorado © Natalie Rabinowitz

Colorado Springs has a different diversity. It is an Alpine desert, with an overgrowth of Californians and Texans within the last ten years, moving in and creating a lot more traffic. I remember when the street lights weren’t synchronized and out east was pure open prairie. Military bases dot the proximity of the city so that you will see a lot of soldiers in and out of military wear. Regardless, Colorado Springs has a colourful history, the Olympic Training Center resides in what was the former air force base, and Nikola Tesla lived here. Excellent hiking trails with spectacular views and bike trails that run along with the front range that will take you south to Pueblo and north towards Denver. This is a true outdoor paradise. 

Fifteen years in Colorado Springs and a job loss, I packed up and moved to Boulder. The city surrounded by an invisible bubble. You would have to live there to understand the invisible bubble. Boulder is like no other city in Colorado. Liberal, laid back, college town, the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and an hour away from Estes Park. Some of the best hiking you will find anywhere! Pearl Street is where all the action is. A mix of high-end shops, galleries, restaurants, street artists and musicians, beautiful flowers in the summer, and the everlasting Colorado sun.

There are such an abundance of mining towns, hiking and mountain ranges to visit. If you want to know more or in need of some tips, please email me. I would be more than happy to offer some suggestions based on your interests.

Things to know

Boulder, Colorado © Natalie Rabinowitz
  • Marijuana is legal, but you cannot take it out of state.
  • The elevation in Colorado varies depending on where you go; regardless, Colorado is a high altitude state, so please take precaution to that. Drink a lot of water, eat fruit, and alcohol in moderation. You might brush it off thinking you feel great, but trust me. I got walloped when I moved to Leadville.
  • The Public transportation system is not the best so you should opt to rent a car.

Places to visit

BoulderThe University town that sits at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Boulder is enveloped within an invisible bubble. It is something the locals who live there understand. I being one of them. Southwest of Boulder is the stunning jagged rock formations of the Flatirons. A plethora of some of the best hiking trails. Do note that if you are not a resident of Boulder, you will require a permit for the majority of trails. Apres hike requires a visit to downtown Pearl street, which has an abundance of shops and restaurants, as well as street performers from around the world.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is an open-air amphitheatre surrounded by red rock formations that showcases live concerts by A list performers as well as a variety of recreation from tours, hiking, biking, and shopping. (

Estes ParkLocated outside of Boulder and the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, nestles this thriving town with lots to offer from the great outdoors to restaurants and shopping. There is an abundance of wildlife to see, such as elk and more elusively moose and bears. Visit the Stanley Hotel that was the inspirations of Stephen King’s The Shining. (

Colorado © Natalie Rabinowitz

Colorado Springs

Pikes PeakThe highest summit of the Rocky Mountains on the front range. The inspiration for “America the Beautiful” written by Katharine Lee Bates. Hike it or drive it. Note that weekends will be busy and congested so go early/before sunset or during the week. (

Garden of the GodsFabulous hike amongst incredible towering sandstone formations. You can drive through the park as well, but your best bet is to park at the visitor center across the street from the main entrance. Note that weekends will be busy and congested (if driving through) so go early/before sunset or during the week. (

Air Force Academy is the military academy for officer cadets of the United States Air Force. Cadet Chapel is the main attraction; however, it is closed from 2019-2023 for renovation. Regardless, there are some fantastic hiking and biking trails. (

Broadmoor Hotel is a World Class Resort hotel built in 1918 with Cheyenne Mountain in the background. Take a walk around the Lake, enjoy a spa day or a refreshment and check out the collection of empty wine and whiskey bottles dating back to the late 1800s. Known as “bottle alley” that is found by the lobby, next to La Taverne restaurant. (

Colorado © Natalie Rabinowitz

Cañon City is the “Corrections Capital of the World” boasting nine state and four federal prisonsOn a lighter side, but with a significant drop The Royal Gorge, the highest suspension bridge measuring at 1,854 ft (565 m) that hovers above the Arkansas River. Outdoor activities include white water rafting, zip-lining, and hiking.

Bishop CastleColorado has a castle. If you find yourself driving south on Interstate 25, take a detour onto 165 West to see this unique castle. Forty years in the making; built solely by hand by Jim Bishop. Jim might seem familiar as he resembles Vincent Price.

Great Sand Dunes National ParkHuge dunes with the stunning snow-capped Sangre de Cristo mountains in the background. An abundance of outdoor activities that includes hiking, backpacking, sandboarding/sand sledding, and swimming. Pay attention to the four seasons as spring can bring high winds, summer is hot, especially the sand surface that can exceed 150 degrees, Autumn is mild with chilly nights, and Winter can bring snow (

Hanging Lake, Colorado © Natalie Rabinowitz

Mesa Verde National ParkLocated in southwest Colorado, this is the ancestral home featuring cliff dwellings of the ancient Anasazi Ancestral Puebloans. A must visit if you have an interest in Native America and Rock Art. While in the area, visit the town of Durango, which is home to Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. A beautiful drive as well between Durango and Silverton, relishing what life was like in the wild West with its historic 19th-century architecture. Great shops, restaurants, arts and culture as well. (

Telluride is a former mining town nestled in the Rocky Mountains, at the base of Telluride Ski Resort. Another great stopover if in the area to see historic 19th-century architecture and an abundance of hiking. Great shops and restaurants as well. (

Boulder, Colorado © Natalie Rabinowitz

Frisco/Breckenridge: Located in the heart of Summit County and accessible to Copper Mountain, Keystone, Breckenridge, and Arapahoe Basin. En route to Leadville and the gateway to Western Colorado. Lake Dillon is also a stop-off place to hang out at the Marina, kayak, walk or bike, with gorgeous views all the way around. A definite stopover to enjoy the architecture, shopping, restaurants as well (https://www.townoffrisco.com

AspenHigh-class ski resort town that offers an abundance of hiking trails, high-end restaurants and boutiques. One of the most beautiful drives to get to Aspen is via Independence Pass that reaches an elevation of 12,095 feet and crosses over the Continental Divide. Access is South of Leadville via Twin Lakes on Highway 82. Do note that Independence Pass is closed October-May due to severe winter conditions so make sure to check before going. (

Glenwood Springs is a resort town that is en route to Aspen and gateway to the West. Glenwood Springs is known for its hot springs and the resting place of Doc Holliday. There is also Hanging Lake, that takes about 2-4 hours to reach with an elevation gain of 734 feet and rated as moderate. One of the best hikes in Colorado, when not packed with tourists wearing the wrong shoes. The waterfalls are breath-taking, and the water is a turquoise crystal blue. There is no swimming, but you can venture behind the more towering waterfall. Surrounded by rock formations, within Glenwood Canyon is a fabulous paved bike trail and white water rafting on the Colorado River.

Colorado © Natalie Rabinowitz


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