Challenge Your Camera: RED

Last Updated on September 19, 2022 by Boodle Mart

Out of Order by David Mach. Kingston-upon-Thames, London
Out of Order by David Mach. Kingston-upon-Thames, London

Thrilled to participate in the Challenge Your Camera: RED sponsored by Dr B and Buddha Walks Into a Wine Bar. I have not always been the biggest fan of Red, but I am rethinking that especially on this grey day in London. Red! A splash of vibrance indeed!

Reminiscent of Christmas. Cartier, New Bond Street, London

Loved the vibrancy of Red in this Aztec fresco. National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City

Disneyland for Art and Architecture lovers. Sintra, Portugal


  1. Hooray, I can comment at last but still seem unable to follow you. A suggestion, in your widget settings add a WordPress sign up button.
    That’s a really good mix of reds, I recognised the phone boxes in Kingston but not sure if I took a photo when I visited. Thanks for following and joining in the challenge, next week on Monday something VERY different!

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