About Natalie

Hello and Welcome

I am Natalie. A former South African who emigrated to the USA for a better future during the Apartheid era.

Dubrovnik 2018

While fortunate to have spent summers in France, I lived in New York and Boston before finally settling down along the front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. One never knows where life will take them and with that, my far-out job allowed me to move to London, where I currently reside; exploring cultures and castles throughout Europe and revel in laid back environments.

My life has been very eclectic, and as I am now in my fabulous 50s, I have been contemplating a new beginning. What I thought was a midlife crisis, because that is what we have been taught to believe, has turned out to be a midlife reawakening.

An Adventurous Free Spirit

I have worked in diverse and exciting industries, mostly in a corporate environment from Fashion manufacturing and wholesale, to a Ski Resort, office furniture interior design, and most recently, uploading imagery commands to satellites.

While I have always retained the stability of a job, I am curious about a different lifestyle that I now seek. As the world has drastically changed, so have I in questioning what the norm is. I am a free-spirit who has been very traditional with the 9 to 5. Let us see where the journey goes.

Along the way, I have and continue to explore the wonderful world we live in. Friends and people meet along the way are always amazed at the places I discover and that I have the guts to travel alone, especially to remote areas.

My interests include travel, nature, hiking, adventure, as well as history, fashion, art, architecture, archaeology, petroglyphs, culture, and photography.

Helping Hand

With extensive travel, especially to third world countries, I realize how much we take for granted when others have the bare minimal necessities to get by. What an opportunity to help those less fortunate as well as animal rehabilitation.

Taking advantage of volunteer opportunities as well as funding individuals that would significantly and positively impact lives is the best way to “pay it forward”. I look ahead to following a new path that will allow for more travel and volunteer work to benefit the environment, wildlife, women and children.

Urban Girl on the Go 

Urban Girl on the Go is for Independent, adventurous, consciously aware women who like the excitement of travel and the world around them. Travel destinations, tips and advice, essential toiletries, and fun journals to record your memoirs are just some insights to be shared.

While I haven’t done and explored everything, I have certainly done more than nothing. Come and join me on the road less and abundantly travelled.

Would love to hear from you, whether it is to say hello, have a question, need some suggestions or recommendations.

😃🥰🌻 Natalie

Hello and thanks for reading my blog. Would love to hear your thoughts :)