Staying Productive during Covid-19

With travel at a halt, I started perusing through the countless photos I have taken in the short amount of travel I have partaken while living in London. So many amazing trips, so many incredible cities with its unique architecture and charm. Nature as well, the open spaces, fresh air, beautiful warmth of the sun, smell of a sea breeze, and wildflowers. 

With an abundance of creativity, I started making memories of a lifetime into still-life photo essay books offering a respite, a sensory journey of reflection and relaxation by letting you immerse yourself in diverse scenes, colours, and contrasts that include architecture, travel, and nature.

At the same time, I am immersed in an online Archaeology course, which is extremely interesting even if I don’t have an inch of dirt to dig in.

I, like everyone else, look forward to when life returns to normal and can continue exploring what the world has to offer. Be well, stay safe.

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