Getting in some ZZZ’s

Deciding on lodging is one of the fun parts of planning a trip. One can do the “last-minute scenario”, but I prefer to know there will be a bed waiting for me.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

What I love about hotels/hostels in Europe are unique places to stay. Some memorable locations have included King John’s hunting lodge along the Wye River, England, (can I say haunted), a Jesuit university in Venice, and a plethora of private rooms in stylish apartments centrally located throughout Europe.

When looking for lodging, I opt to stay in Old Towns and Historical districts of a city. There are great options to choose from. My go-to is and hostels. Depending on how expensive a city may be and if I am on a budget, I look for a private room/shared bathroom or a shared dormitory type room; for an overnight. Sometimes I luck out and get an en-suite bathroom.

For shared dormitories, I opt for smaller rooms with up to 4 bunk beds. On some occasions, I have shared a room with one person or just myself but meeting other travellers is also great, and we share stories and ideas.

It might be a little more touristy to stay in an Old Town/Historical district, but I like to get up super early and wander the city before it becomes vibrant. There is a variation between the two. Quiet, tranquil, peaceful, maybe catch a sunrise to the start to the day. Look at architecture up close and capture on film before the crowds appear. By afternoon, I am either full of energy meandering through the groups of people or in need of a short nap from the heat.


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