Favourite European Cities

1) Antwerp, Belgium 2) Cornwall 3) Annecy, France 4) Barcelona, Spain 5) London, England 6) Seville, Spain 7) London, England 8) Paris, France 9) Edinburgh, Scotland © Natalie Rabinowitz

(Updated October 2019)

I love to travel and now that I live in London, the possibilities to get on a plane and spend a weekend in another European city is just incredible. Flight time averages about 2 hours, depending on where you are going, and before long, you find yourself surrounded by different sights and sounds.

My all-time favourite travel is by train. Jump on the Eurostar and make connections on mainland Europe is so simple and the scenery that passes you by can be breath-taking.

It is too difficult to say there are only five or ten cities at the top of my list as every location has a story to tell. With that said, what resonates with me is the energy of a city, the people, the history, architecture, and easy access to escape into nature. Here are some of my favourite European cities (not in any particular order) and many more yet to be discovered.

Cornwall, England (not a city but a county)



Coming Soon:   










Antwerp/Bruges/Ghent/Brussels (Okay, the country of Belgium but its a toss-up with these cities as they are all unique and have something to offer. Chocolate, waffles, Art Nouveau).

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